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How to Potty Train Puppy to go Outside - Secrets Finally Revealed

how to potty train puppy to go outside

How to potty train puppy to go outside - Dogs are capable of learning new tricks and fortunately dog potty training counts amongst them. In a perfect world when you get your new dog from a store or when there are some favors that your friend asks and you cannot deny(read dog sitting), chances are the dog would already have been potty trained thus you’re not left with the unthinkable task of cleaning up the mess. The unavoidable stubborn fact is, that a lion’s share of people have never performed dog potty training.

A grave misunderstanding most of the dog owners perform at the start of the potty training procedure is that they delve into dog potty training directly and forget teaching them anything else. It is of utmost importance that you build a rapport with the dog before potty training him.

I rely on self-help myself, and also I train the dog in that manner.So the dog is responsible for his own things and he has to learn to take care of them including his own potty. If this is done I guarantee the remainder of dog training or rather staying on subject “dog potty training” process won’t be an issue.

Step one of Dog Potty Training – The Basics

It is important you determine a spot when you start to potty train the canine and you must make him aware that he should do his duties at that spot only. Make sure you lead them there each and every time barring only the time when you are not at home. The entire dog potty training procedure depends on this factor. Many animals like pigs learn these this thing by themselves but we are left with potty training our dogs!

Talking about dog potty traning, a dog’s mamma can actually potty train theire young one’s in a manner very few can match. I recognize many respectable breeders speaking volumes about how mothers teach their little one’s to take a leak or go potty outside of their beds by leading them outdoors. If luck is on your side, you may get your dog from breeders who have tutored the dog for potty training already.

After a while you will be able to pick up the signs. You can make out when they are ready to go potty by observing them, sniffing around some point or a funny change in thier walk and you know it is time! If this is the case it is time you take the dog to the predetermined potty spot.

Pick up a command like “potty time!” or “poop dogie poop” or anything you are comfortable with. After he finishes, shower him with praises and show a bit of affection, also treating him with something he likes would go a long way in the training process! Dog potty training can be cumbersome but not so much when the dog believes that he is loved and cared for. And now you are one step closer to complete yours dog potty training.

Step two of Dog Potty Training – Bell Method

Here’s one factor that I’ve discovered that works wonders in situations when you have to take your dog over to some friends place and tommy unloads on their floor! Here is what needs to be done to save you the embarrasment. Keep a bell and connect it to a string or a thread and hang it to the doorknob. Then using the self help method teach him that every time he bumps the bell using his face he can go outdoors.

The technique is pretty straightforward. On every occasion the door is opened the bell jingles and he will understand that the bell jingling means opening of the door. All along you express it to your dog that each time the bell is bumped by him, he will be awarded. After getting so far the ultimate step is edifying him, that the award solely comes when he goes potty outside after bumping the bell.

It is among the thoroughbred behaviors that is extremely easy to inculcate in any dog. Oh and the guests are going to love it! Extended benefits aside, your dog can now express himself when he wants to go potty. This proves to be extremely valuable in situations when you are not with your dog and he has to go potty. However using the bell method you’ll be able to pay attention to the dogs jingling of the bell, and in turn figuring out that he needs to unload. Pretty cool eh!

Step three of Dog Potty Training – Keep calm!

Now this is the final step in completing dog potty training. One issue to understand in the process is that there will be accidents. It is important how you react in such situations. Yes I understand that cleaning the mess after your dog’s act can be frustrating, however if you respond to your dog in a negative way he might think that doing this irritates you and this can further lead to the same mishaps. Be gentle to your dog and avoid this mistake at all costs.

Look at the positive aspects and reward him accordingly for his good behaviour. Shouting or yelling is no way you can teach your dog anything. Now enjoy the company of a potty trained dog in your house!