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59+ Border Collie Black Lab Mix Photo

Border Collie Black Lab Mix. Black lab golden retriever mix dogs are also great with kids and other animals. The border collie is considered a highly intelligent, extremely energetic, acrobatic and athletic dog.

Black Lab Border Collie mix Lab mix puppies, Collie mix
Black Lab Border Collie mix Lab mix puppies, Collie mix from

The most common color you’ll find them in is solid black. They frequently compete with great success in sheepdog trials and a range of dog sports like dog obedience, disc dog, herding and. Kelpie x border collie puppy.

The Most Common Color You’ll Find Them In Is Solid Black.

If you adopt a border collie and labrador retriever mix, it will take some time to learn which genes reign supreme. It’s a medium to large dog at about 19 to 24. The border collie is a working and herding dog breed.

The Border Collie Lab Mix Is Medium To Large, And Most Often Comes With A Black Or Black And White Coat.

Border collie lab mix is a cross of a border collie and a labrador retriever, also known as borador or border lab. The sire and dam in this breed are interchangeable (i.e. The complete guide to border collie lab mix (all you need to know) the border collie lab mix, also popularly known as borador, might not sound like the name of an actual dog breed.

Once You’ve Chosen A Reputable Breeder, Expect To Pay $200 To $500 For A Border Collie Lab Mix.

Border collie belongs to a medium dog breed. Unlike smaller, designer breeds such as puggles. The border collie labrador mix is a result of mating a labrador retriever with a border collie.

As Both Of His Parents Have Working Backgrounds, You Could Argue That The Border Collie Lab Mix Is A Working Dog.

In fact, it’s one of the most reliable breeds. Responds to the name “socks”. Not much history is associated with designer dogs as they are relatively new.

Looks Like My Girly Lab Mix Puppies Border Collie Mix Puppies Border Collie Lab Mix.

Adorable labrador x border collie puppies available. The black lab golden retriever mix is still a goldador. The labrador retriever and border collie are both intelligent, willing to work and energetic;