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37+ Australian Red Merle Shepherds Pic

Australian Red Merle Shepherds. Australian shepherd sacramento, california, united states. Mom is a blue merle, dad is a black tri.

Four month old Red Merle Australian Shepherd puppy (Print
Four month old Red Merle Australian Shepherd puppy (Print from

Many of them normally live for about 14 years. Merle coats are described as “mottled”: And, you will also find copper highlights on the face and legs of a red merle tri aussie dog.

The Red Merle Australian Shepherd Is One Of The Most Beautiful Dogs That You Can Find.

Red merle australian shepherds’ shades are much more like blue merles. You will find red merle australian shepherds in different variations. Eye problems such as cataracts, distichiasis, and corneal dystrophy;

Red Merles Can Suffer From Ocular Issues And This Is Caused By Breeding.

How much does a red tri australian shepherd cost? What is a toy aussie? It has white markings on its face, chest, belly, and legs.

Will Have Age Appropriate Shots.

Picture of red tri australian shepherd. Red merle australian shepherds are very active and energetic dogs. We raise blue merles, black tris, red merles, and red tris.

Breeding Merle With Merle Is Not Recommended As Some Of The Puppies Can Inherit The Merle Pattern From Both Parents And Will Become A Double Merle Or Homozygous Merle (Aka Lethal White).

Pigmentation on the lips, nose, and around the eyes differ in australian shepherds. Some red merle australian shepherds are various shades of red all over with only minimal white spotting. Sometimes, the base color of the red merle may look very similar to white.

Red Merle Australian Shepherds Are Likely To Thrive In Dog Sports Such As Flying Disc Games, Flyball Herding Trials, Agility, Tracking, Or Obedience Sports.

Just like black tri australian shepherd color variation, blue merle tri color also consists of three. However, that doesn’t make them any less beautiful than their counterparts such as the brown australian shepherd! Australian shepherd puppy for sale near missouri, bland, usa.