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39+ Neapolitan Mastiff Italian Mastiff Size Image

Neapolitan Mastiff Italian Mastiff Size. When considering if the neapolitan mastiff is right for you, you should consider your lifestyle and home type. Don’t be deceived by those wise eyes;

79+ Huge Italian Mastiff l2sanpiero
79+ Huge Italian Mastiff l2sanpiero from

Neapolitan mastiff is originated from italy but american molossus is originated from united states. Working (akc:2004) guardian (ukc) size: When they are measured from the shoulder, male neapolitan mastiff cane corso mix stands 25 inches to 28 inches tall, and female stand 24 to 26 inches tall.

The Neapolitan Mastiff Is Also Known As The Mastino Napoletano, Italian Mastiff, Mastino, Or Neo.

The neapolitan mastiff is a large, massive, and powerful italian breed that is closely related to the cane corso. The neapolitan mastiff originated in italy: They are usually grey, lead grey or black.

Its Name Comes From The Latin “Cohors” Which Means “Guardian” And “Protector” Also Called Italian Mastiff.

This does not mean that they are not trainable. The italian mastiff cane corso is a canine breed from italy. Both breeds like to eat.

The Neapolitan Mastiff Is Known For Its Large Frame And A Coat With Voluminous Folds.

Training & intelligence the neapolitan mastiff is a fairly intelligent breed, but training is not exactly a breeze with them. Neo, italian bulldog, italian mastiff, mastino napoletano, italian molosso, can'e presa: Don’t be deceived by those wise eyes;

The Neapolitan Mastiff Was At One Point In Danger Of Becoming Extinct, But Has Been Saved By A Number Of Dedicated Fanciers.

This enormous dog breed is generally used as a protector or a guard of a family because of its protecting traits and frightening looks. The tough, powerful and drooling neapolitan mastiff is a loyal companion for an assertive owner who is an experienced dog handler: Neapolitan mastiff is an ancient italian breed of dogs that are known for their large size.

When Considering If The Neapolitan Mastiff Is Right For You, You Should Consider Your Lifestyle And Home Type.

The average male is between 26 inches to 31 inches tall and weighs between 130 to 155 pounds (59 to 70kg), while the average female is between 24 inches to 29 inches tall and weighs between 110 to 130 pounds (50 to 59kg). Neapolitan mastiff may live 5 years less than american molossus. Neapolitan mastiff may grow 10 cm / 3 inches shorter than leonberger.