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73+ Merle Border Collie Lab Mix Photo

Merle Border Collie Lab Mix. A friendly doggie pal for children, keep in mind those instinctive collie herding qualities might apply to little ones as well, so early socialization for your bordoodle will be helpful. The border collie australian shepherd mix will have a fairly long coat, in a range of potential color combinations.

The 25+ best Border collie blue merle ideas on Pinterest
The 25+ best Border collie blue merle ideas on Pinterest from

They enjoy playing around with young children. With being family raised and socialized with children, they are the ideal addition to any home. Just like with any other mix breed, you should look at the parent’s traits if you want to know from what your borador may suffer from.

A Friendly Doggie Pal For Children, Keep In Mind Those Instinctive Collie Herding Qualities Might Apply To Little Ones As Well, So Early Socialization For Your Bordoodle Will Be Helpful.

This adorable boxer puppy is one of a kind and can’t wait to spoil you with love and attention. And in a single litter, you’ll find at least 6 to 9 puppies. Pleje af en border collie lab mix.

The Border Collie Is Considered A Highly Intelligent, Extremely Energetic, Acrobatic And Athletic Dog.

Boradors are intelligent, ingenious, industrious, impassioned, incandescent and incisive; They will be happiest when they have a job to do. Overall, this mix will be intelligent, eager to please, and very energetic.

Whatever The Case, They Will Be Happy As Can Be As Long As They

This can be a rough collie black lab mix, or a lab of any other coat color. What you need to know This mix is a companion dog, but they do have working dog blood which means that they are very energetic.

For Hair, This Mixed Breed Has A Long And Soft, Glossy Double Coat, Just Like Their Border Collie And Labrador Parents.

In some cases, one set of genes may be more prominent and the puppies will bear a closer resemblance to a labrador or a border collie. But, resulting puppies can be very different from one another, especially if breeders use a first generation labradoodle. The adorable bordoodle is a border collie mix that might not shed as much.

With Being Family Raised And Socialized With Children, They Are The Ideal Addition To Any Home.

The labradoodle border collie mix is a double hybrid that combines the labradoodle mixed breed with a purebred border collie. The resulting mix should be a medium to large dog in various colors. Både labrador og border collie er to racer med meget lav vedligeholdelse.