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57+ Silver Dapple White Dachshund Image

Silver Dapple White Dachshund. When two dapple markings overlap, it creates a double dapple pattern that’s even more intricate than the single dapple dachshund coat. They are super friendly little.

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2 black and tan male, one choc dapple male and 2 choc and tan females left. If dappling appears on the face, the eyes might be an icy shade of blue. I specialize in piebald, extreme piebald and dapple dachshunds, i will probably have some good old fashioned reds or black and tans on occasion too.

Double Dapples Will Also Often Have Blue Eyes, Sometimes Malformed As A Result Of The Genetic Health Problems.

A double dapple dachshund is built like any dachshund; As the name goes, a silver dapple comes in silver color. Longhaired dapple dachshund with brown and white fur laying on a bed.

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Little dapple dachshund with white piebald and silver dapple hair, playing outside in the fall leaves on a sunny day. Double dapple dachshunds have white markings along with the darker splashes of colour. They are super friendly little.

Chocolate And Cream Dachshunds 11 / 30.

In addition to having even more intricate kaleidoscopic color patches, double dapples usually have large areas of white on their bodies. Black silver dapple dachshund shorthair 4 / 30. The silver color is achieved through the dilution of the black pigment (eumelanin) produced by melanocytes.

This Is Typically Advised Against As Many Double Dapples Suffer From Severe Health Complications Such As Vision And Hearing Loss, Missing Or Micro Eyes, Severe Back Problems, And, In Some Cases, Cancer.

The dominant color of the fur is silver with the secondary being bluish or dark silver. Double dapple dachshunds will also have white markings on large areas of the body. As we mentioned earlier, dapple dachshunds come in numerous colors, including chocolate and tan, silver dapple, black and tan brindle, red dapple, and chocolate.

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He’s super friendly and loves everyone he meets! White markings are still the base color, but the coat will have darker, more dense spots and patches if it’s dapple. The difference in appearance comes from their coat pattern.