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77+ Border Collie Kelpie Mix Photo

Border Collie Kelpie Mix. These two intelligent herding dog breeds are athletic and agile, with a tendency to be protective towards their family. The border collie x kelpie mix is a gentle breed of dog with a mild temperament and gentle nature.

Border Collie/Kelpie/Cattle Dog pups Medium Female
Border Collie/Kelpie/Cattle Dog pups Medium Female from

A fully grown border collie is medium in size. 20 lbs / long haird/ black + marled spotted coat. The kelpie collie mixes the border collie and the kelpie.

Current On Vaccinations And Totally Healthy After Vet Visits.

These border collie mix puppies are a cross between a border collie and another dog breed. Those are the questions we will try and answer below. Males can grow to a height of 19 to 22 inches whereas females can grow to a height of 18 to 21 inches.

The Kelpie Collie Mixes The Border Collie And The Kelpie.

The only breeders will be backyard breeders aka puppy factories. This page is setup to celebrate the cross breed of the kelpie and the border collie. The border collie australian shepherd mix is a hybrid sheepdog where both parent breeds have been historically bred for herding livestock such as sheep and cattle on farms and ranches.

The Kelpie Border Collie Mix Is An Unusual Hybrid Of The Border Collie And The Kelpie.

Brown border collie puppies for sale. Females stop growing after 24 months (2 years) when they reach adulthood while. These breeds are closely related in terms of weight and height.

This Leads To A Strong Herding Animal Given The Background Of Both Of Its Parents.

The kelpie border collie breed is a relatively new crossbreed, but their ancestors have a long history. Once you’ve chosen a reputable breeder, expect to pay $200 to $500 for a border collie lab mix. Is it more like the border collie or the kelpie?

With Both Breeds Classified In The Herding Group, It Is No Surprise That A Mixture Of Both Breeds Produces A Focused And Intelligent Hybrid.

Their coat can come in any combination of colors and patterns, including the classic black and white border collie markings. Border collie lab mixes breeders and rescue. As you might imagine, a border collie kelpie mix is a dog that is a mix of a kelpie and a border collie.